Hey guys what’s up it’s Charlie here and today we’re going to be looking at 10 victimizes you must know about so if there’s a lot of fund in the world but for every dollar that exists there’s a scammer trying to get wise but these victimizes are the newest and most mind-blowing in the world so watch this video as it could stop you from falling for one of these jokes but first why not subscribe and press the notification buzzer to I predict it’s not a scam coming in at figure 10 is phony pregnancy so this is a swindle targeting storages this defraud is very simple and mind-blowing simply dames make and wear imitation pregnant paunches they do this by putting some kind of round container up their shirts to when you place God it looks like they’re plainly pregnant but genuinely they’re not pregnant at all and have a secret memory device obscured under their shirt in Ontario Canada a woman exerted this method to embezzle five thousand dollars worth of tech she plainly sauntered into a technology patronize and took a consignment of stuff but the polouse said he plainly supposed she was pregnant so didn’t do anything about it but when they realized the security camera footage they determined she was opening up her pregnant paunch and putting happens inside this is the latest technique used by shoplifters but be informed it could still happen to you if you don’t have a shop for example there have been reports of people pickpocketing beings and then concealing whatever they take in their pregnant bellies even if you thought they might have taken your stuff you wouldn’t be able to check inside their bellies this is because people plainly don’t think to do that and also parties expresses concern about chiming rude if they ask if someone’s pregnant so if you’re a supermarket owned than ever be careful when person steps in with a pregnant paunch it’s probably a child but “youve never” know so keep an eye out next up is telephone call so this one is very deviou secured happened to anyone on the street someone may scurry up to you and say their phones run out of artillery but they need to make an important call they’ll then ask to use your phone for simply a few moments you tell them they move the call and then generate it back to you now you probably thought they were going to steal your phone but that’s not the scam in fact you won’t find out about the defraud until much subsequently when you check your phone symmetry what if the scammer does is make a call to their personal multitude they then have software on their number which represents their call very costly this then employs your part phone balance into their history or if your phone counterbalance is hooked up to your credit card then it will take all of your poise people have lost thousands of dollars this channel and it’s very hard to retrieve the money the number the scammer calls could be located in another country so it’s very difficult to find so be very careful of this and politely say no in someone else to use your phone next up is phony ATMs so this is a very scary scam as it could lead to you losing all your fund lately a lot of people have been installing fake ATMs over real ones this could be putting a phony keyboard over the ATM so it registers your PIN some criminals even obstruct cameras inside to make photos of your credit card and another method is putting sticky tape or glue into the card machine so it swallows your auto these are always scammers get a view of your credit card info or your credit card itself the best way to prevent this swindle is to be very thorough before using any ATM be sure to gather the keyboard and if it comes off then it’s a forge too pull where you insert your credit card as that could be faked extremely and finally look up above the keyboard some delinquents obstruct confidential tiny cameras above to register your Bolt if you hear a camera above you then undoubtedly do not use the ATM and announce 9-1-1 these phony ATMs are very common especially in metropolitans so ever be careful next up is tip-off scam have you ever directed as a waiter or server if so you know it’s not exactly best available occupation in the world the remuneration is nice stinking but the one good thought about it is gratuities there’s nothing better than getting a great gratuity from a purchaser but unfortunately some patrons are working a new scam to avoid paying the full amount let’s say the gratuity should be $20 but instead mortal takes a $10 greenback and then glitches it in a way to make it look like a lot more if they fold it accurately they are unable make it look like $40 but then after they’ve left and you go to connect the tip-off you’ll see it’s plainly much less but when they are leave and you’re going to collect the tip you’ll notice it’s much less of course beings don’t have to see it but you should still be careful of the victimize some people get super excited about this and then a letdown when they insure the real amount rumah people ever be sure to tip your attendants and servers remain vigilant of this victimize next up is lottery so this is a very dangerous defraud but it’s also very simple to be carried out which originates it all the more unnerving you are able to receive an email or a note saying that parties on the raffle it will look for official and may even have the official raffle logo on it but in reality you haven’t earned anything at all fifty percent of Americans say they play the lottery so that intends fifty percent of people actually think they have a chance of acquiring it of course your chances are skinny but when you attend an official glancing note you might get your hopes up some people get caught up in the exhilaration of being a millionaire overnight and they answer but in they’ll ask for numerous confidential subjects like your banking information some people email it or route it back to the address they then soon find out the hard way that this was a defraud so they have no money in their report and sometimes they’re not able to get the money back seeing as they established away their knowledge happily you may be thinking this would never happen to me but I think about your grandparents who may be less savvy to a scam email you may be surprised how many people fall for this so always tell your friends and family to watch out next up is Clovis on your gondola so you’re walking over to your parked vehicle to get in it but you interpret some apparel on the windscreen “youve been” seduced to get it off but instead don’t walk away from your auto and announce 9-1-1 the reason is because this is a trick scammers are now consuming it may sound quirkies but they plainly residence a t-shirt or skin over your auto and they then lock it on the windscreen with your breath Pipers but why do they do this well most people have got their key out to get into their automobile and then see this while their thought grappling to get it out of high winds why but they’re not paying attention to what’s around them this is a great opportunity for a scam to come out and embezzle your gondola keys and then your gondola this has been happening all over the USA and likewise Europe extremely but it’s not long before this spreads to other areas like South America and Asia so be careful and if you ever find clothing on your auto watch out for any scammers nearby next up is bracelet so this is a popular swindle that happens in many cities and it’s a scam which has targeted chiefly to sightseers person will go up to you and originate holding a bangle around your weapon you may think this is a nice endowment and expect it to merely cost a few pennies but then after bind it on to you they’ll involve a lot of coin this can sometimes be 10 to 20 dollars plainly for a piece of string if you say no if he’ll make a big public spectacle and the keys you have plagiarizing this procreates countless beings simply precisely pay them to leave them alone if this happens to you what you should do is ask to see the police and they’ll start is participating in no time next up is ransomware so this is a very scary hacker which happens on computers let’s say you click a sticky tie-up and it sends you to a page which download something automatically well this can sometimes download something called a ransomware what ransomware does is locks your computer out they then say you have to pay them in Bitcoin and then they’ll give you a code to unlock your computer and if you don’t do this within a certain time they remove all of your enters many people do this and send them the money but sometimes they don’t even send you a system so you’ve lost coin and all your registers the best way to get around this is to good antivirus software and to not click any dodgy relations regrettably scammers getting better and better online but at the same era so our antivirus corporations so at the least it poises out the worst case of ransomware was announced one a announce which shut down numerous businesses and even hospitals in the UK next up is card or penny so if this is yet another way scammers plagiarize your vehicle countless people lock their auto openings with an automated button on their key but this swindle builds the method used unsafe felons plainly sidle a penny into your door handle this implies when you pulp the fasten button on your gondola key it won’t lock that door the scammer is available to open that entrance get into your automobile and steal your razz the best thing to do is make sure all of your tools are completely closed before leaving your vehicle unattended otherwise you never know you may never see your gondola again check out the poll the top right corner for the unnerving scam on this list and be sure to check out my second canal TheCrafty there’ll be a link to that on screen in a moment so click it to have a watch but as always thanks for watching check out some more videos on screen right now leave a like if you enjoy and if you 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