Can You Solve This Murder?


Oh hello, oh don’t be scared. Um, yes, I am a specter, Jenny. So “theyre gonna” clang kinda odd. Likely not any weirder than it all ready is. I need your help to find out who killed me. I merely can not remember for the life of me, more like the death of me. So the only really clue that I have is this note.

There are only for people I can think of who could have wanted to kill me. That’s kind of a lot I just recognized. First there’s my ex-boyfriend, Ray. What a tool. – I affection Jenny. I actually did. I mean we were the real cope, until I satisfied someone else, but that’s love for you. It runs and runs like high winds on the trees of “peoples lives”. Wow, that is so good. I’ll write that down. Yeah, I would never hurt Jenny. I intend she has or, had one of my Imagine Dragons album, but I actually got to get back, but, oh this.

I got it playing basket ball. I’m super good, you wanna play one on one sometime? – God, what a jolt. I entail, we were gonna get matching tattoos, but anyway next there’s Kathy Leamons. She is the meanest girlfriend in institution. She replenished my locker with shaving cream because I wore pink on the same day as her. – Yeah she’s not invited after wearing those shoes with those socks. Oh Jenny, yeah sure, I knew her. She desperately wanted to be popular. So ruffling. I had to take her down a peg. I was teaching her a lesson with the shaving cream happen. But I didn’t kill her obviously.

I could never do that. Me violent, nah. – She scares me and I’m a phantom. Then there’s my twin, Francine. I mean we get along with famously but it’s hard being a twinned. There’s always competition. I miss Jenny every day. – I entail she was my other half, like the Q to my U. You know, the believed to be simply hurting her , no God , no, it’s inconceivable. I signify sure she has better clothes than me, and the amazing “hairs-breadth”, but that’s not a reason to kill someone.( sob) – Poor Francine, I tried to haunt her once, but she simply guessed I was high winds. Lastly there’s our odd next door neighbour and he’s just got a general odd vibe occasion going on.( odd music and whispers) Verify bizarre right? So no pres but who do you think killed me? I signify I would really like to get some closure, it’s pretty nasty in this house. -[ Voiceover] Was it Kathy, Ray, Francine, or the creep next door? Kathy seemed like she wasn’t Jenny’s biggest fan, and that guy next door was somewhat shady.

However it was neither of them.( intense music) It was Ray, the ex-boyfriend, and Francine the twinned. Ray was writing in a notepad with the exact same article as the killer’s note, however he was right handed. Notice the smudge on the left hand side of the memorandum. It had to be written by somebody else. Ray also said he had been injured playing basketball. Francine had a basketball in her chamber, and despite her rips forgot to use the tissues sitting right next to her. Ray also said he started seeing someone new. The two of them were in cahoots, so they could kill Jenny and cut to canoodling. – Okay, um yeah, that was a little upset, but I guess I’m moving on now, literally so .. Oh, okay, I didn’t expect that, oh that tickles.( upbeat music ).