How to Spot a Scam Mechanic


Rev up your engines, today I’m going to show you how they are able to eschew dealing with bad auto-mechanics , now being a mechanic myself for the last 50 times, I’ve met good machinists, bad car-mechanics, victimize mechanics, and some machinists that simply had no idea what they were doing, so today I’m going to show you how you can avoid the bad machinists, or the crooked ones who might not be bad car-mechanics, but they are only charge you mode too much fund for what they’re planning on doing , now when looking for a car-mechanic, you got to make sure the government had the right tools to work on your car, but don’t be overly impressed by a whole bunch of fancy tools, because with modern computers very good tools can be very small, it’s appropriate tools itself what it can do and what the mechanic has in his head who knows how to operate them, and find out who’s going to be working on your automobile, it doesn’t do any good if the owner of the store actually understands quite a bit about autoes, but then you go and you watch there’s a young kid who’s actually working on your car and doesn’t got any idea what he’s doing, over its first year I located many good stores that I known did great work for decades, merely to find it now the son or the grandson has taken over the shop, he’s not all that interested in it and they do reasonably shoddy job, eventually they go bankrupt, but in the mean time they do some pretty bad stuff to people’s vehicles, and when you think about it’s kind of amazing I’m not ignite out anymore after doing it for 50 times, but I like certain challenges and when I see something that’s broken to me it’s a huge challenge to get it working right again and yes really good mechanics, hey we can be an odd spawn, look at my garage there’s material all over the place, I got tools hanging everywhere, but that doesn’t mean anything because I know how to use them and where I’ve got most of them hidden away , now there’s some actually anal car-mechanics out there, they’ll have a picture of the tool on the wall and each one goes in its neat little place, but hey from my own experience, some of the people I knew that worked like that, there were some of the most serious machinists I ever met, they were neatness freaks but they weren’t that good at actually specifying vehicles, they just like their home to look neat and clean, and as far as it goes for those certifications that people have saying they’ve accomplished tracks, they’re okay for some things but genuinely there’s book-learning and then there’s real memorize, years ago my father hired a person and he get paid to taught him to get all these certificates, he was one of the worst mechanics we ever had, but he had been able to take tests really well, and if you know anything about the real world, the test of the real world that you can actually do something means a lot more than someone sitting with a pencil and a piece of paper and clique multiple-choice tests , now here’s something to emphatically escape in a mechanic’s store, if you look around you envision a whole cluster of cars, but they’re in various shapes of disrepair, flat tires, inspection protrudes are out of date, you want to avoid them because a lot of occasions they use those as eye candy to make it look like, oh they’re busy all the time so they must be good, or they take forever to fix cars and some of them will be there for months or years before they get done , now here is some admonition that you have to use with any mechanic, good or bad, never say oh I’m in no hurry take your time, because a really good mechanic is busy all the time and then he’ll just let your automobile slip to the side, because you said you’re not in a hurry and everybody else is, and a bad mechanic might just think, I’ll just let that one slide eternally, he’s in no big hurry, I’ll do the next chore that comes in firstly to make as much money as I can, and when it comes to rates, it pays to shop around and insure what you’re actually paying for, a friend of one of my patrons called me up and announced, Scotty my friend were talking about you, I got my auto at the store and he’s going to accusation me 350 bucks to reprogram my computer I think that’s kind of high what do you think, well reprogramming the computer only consists of deleting the data and putting new data in, personal computers does all the operate, it typically takes about an hour or so, so I just said, I’ll call up the merchant, so I called up a merchant and they are wanted a hundred and thirty five dollars to do the same undertaking, so when the pusher is charging $135 for what somebody else is going to charge $350, patently the person charging you $350, hey he’s not very honest, so if you find a person like that, threw some internet posts out there saying how “hes been” charging you too much fund to warn other people, so if there’s warnings about a person has become a bad mechanic on the internet, you pay heed to that, but on the other hand if there’s really good praises of them, are significantly unsure, I know a guy down the street, he had his own car-mechanics when they weren’t busy, typing in great reviews of the shop, how great they were, to sucker people to come in they just made them all up themselves , now you can’t beat word of mouth of people that you know, I’ve been working on vehicles for 50 years, you are familiar much fund I’ve spent on advertising my garage , good-for-nothing not a penny, all word of mouth my patrons are happy, they tell their friends, they tell their friends, everyone’s happy and no money’s squandered on advertising, and yes these days it can be hard to find a good car-mechanic, but it’s hard to find a good doctor, or a good dentist too, just preserve searching and who knows you might get lucky and find a guy like me around you, so if you never want to miss another one of my brand-new vehicle fixing videos, remember to echoing that Bell!