The Horrifying Unsolved Slaughter At Hinterkaifeck Farm


Hinterkaifeck Farm in Bavaria, Germany were murdered with a pickaxe. Husband and wife Andreas and Cazilia Gruber, their widowed daughter Viktoria, and Victoria’s two children Cazilia and Josef, as well as the Gruber family, maid Maria Baumgartner. I couldn’t find like a super credible bulletin generator that plowed this, but there are so many details of it online, it apparently happened. -[ Voiceover] So this is fucking, devotee fiction someone– -[ Voiceover] No! This isn’t– -[ Voiceover] Someone precisely wrote, haha, of like– -[ Voiceover] There’s video, there’s visualizes And then there’s like records of it in Germany. -[ Voiceover] You work at BuzzFeed! And you don’t know that you can doctor draws? -[ Voiceover] These aren’t doctored. -[ Voiceover] Dude, okay, let’s get into it.

-[ Voiceover] Just to give you a bit picture of the scene two time old-time Josef was assassinated in his cot, their own families maid Maria was slaughtered in her bed, the rest of the family though had been slaughtered in their own families barn. -[ Voiceover] So four of the family’s killed in the barn and then the child, two year old-time, and maid are left killed in their plots. -[ Voiceover] Exactly. So for some reason the rest of the family was killed in the barn. And they were found stacked on top of each other. -[ Voiceover] Safe to acquire they weren’t already stacked on top of each other( coughing) and then killed.( laugh) but they were killed and then stacked on top of each other. -[ Voiceover]( chortling) And then he killed them all in one fatal strike. -[ Voiceover]( chortling) Okay. -[ Voiceover] Yeah , no, it didn’t happen that room. This is where shit starts to get fucking creepy. -[ Voiceover] Okay -[ Voiceover] Whoever did this, and this is actually just disgusting, actually remain in the house for several days after he murdered the entire family.

And we know that he did this because in the week that followed the murders cattle were still being fed, dinners were still being eaten in the kitchen, neighbours reported looking smoke emerge from the chimney, and then their own families bird-dog was tied up outside the barn when the berth male came on Saturday. The people were discovered by the method, the next day, on Sunday. -[ Voiceover] So that’s why he moved them to the barn so he could( laughing) continue living in the members of this house. -[ Voiceover] I precisely feel like, you slaughter an entire household you wanna get away from there.( chuckling) This guy find the need to manufacture himself a sandwich. Anyways, another creepy detail of this is that Maria, the family maid that was murdered in her berth, she’d just been hired the working day, that was her first day on the job.

To oust the previous maid who discontinued six months earlier due to the house being haunted. You want to know some of the things that stimulated the other maid to quit? -[ Voiceover] No. -[ Voiceover] The other maid claimed she listened strides in the attic, articulations, situations like that. You know, classic ghost story shit. So she retire and their own families dismissed her as merely another goofy maiden with goofy considers. You know, see you eventually. But surprise 6 months later now the family starts sounding paces in the attic and then Mr. Gruber, you know the head of the household, he encounters an unfamiliar newspaper in the members of this house that he’d ever seen before. A determined of housekeys disappear missing.

-[ Voiceover] Hmm -[ Voiceover] He also finds that their own families toolshed has been scratched up like someone is seeking to pick the fasten. -[ Voiceover] That where they remained the pickaxe? -[ Voiceover] Exactly. -[ Voiceover] Noooooo! Truly? They continued the pickaxe in a tool molted? -[ Voiceover] Where else were you gonna hinder a pickaxe? And lastly footprints are discovered by Mr. Gruber, in the snow, leading to the back of the members of this house received from the groves, but there’s no reappearance steps. They just go straight to the house. Whoever strolled into the house didn’t walk back. There was no coin taken. Because there was large sums of money found on “the farmers “. So, they were pretty sure that this was a crime of passion.

For doubts they certainly exclusively had one legitimate person. and it was their neighbor Lorenz Schlittenbauer. -[ Voiceover] It can’t be the neighbor, think about it almost if he’s running his own farm when does he have experience -[ Voiceover] Huhuh -[ Voiceover] living a life in someone else’s house and like wake up in the morning and feed his moo-cows? -[ Voiceover] Hahuh. -[ Voiceover] That’s a six husband responsibility that one person was doing.( chortling) -[ Voiceover] Mr. Schlittenbauer believed that Viktoria’s son Josef. -[ Voiceover] The two time age-old. -[ Voiceover] Yeah, the two year age-old. He thought it was his son. He’d been intimate with Viktoria. -[ Voiceover] hmm. -[ Voiceover] However the son was subsequently discovered to belong to Andreas Gruber. -[ Voiceover] What !? -[ Voiceover] Josef was an expression of the results of incest. Necessitating Andreas Gruber played the horrifying role of papa and granddad. Too another little factoid to round off this week of serious bad luck for this family.

When the families manager were removed to be studied in the autopsy, they lost the heads. So that meant the family had to be immersed headless. -[ Voiceover] Dude it’s 1922 -[ Voiceover] How do you lose? -[ Voiceover] Things will be lost -[ Voiceover] That’s six tops! That’s so many premiers! How do you lose that many thoughts? -[ Voiceover] I, government, humanity. -[ Voiceover]( chuckling) The government( chuckling) what? -[ Voiceover] What happened to the house after, did anyone move in? -[ Voiceover] They swallowed it a year after the felony had happened. Just so there’s not this terrible mausoleum of assassination in their place. And they but a, actually precisely a monument now, like a literal statue. -[ Voiceover] That’s nice. -[ Voiceover] To celebrate the family. -[ Voiceover] I’m just trying to find out who did it? Who done it? That’s the question. -[ Voiceover] Yeah. I symbolize still unsolved and I don’t think it ever will be solved ..